Our care team has over 90 years of combined experience. Our team consist of a female practitioner who’s also a certified strength and conditioning specialist, an above knee amputee practitioner, a trilateral amputee practitioner, and a team member whom is an above elbow amputee.

We fabricate our custom prostheses in house. Nothing is sent out to be fabricated elsewhere, ensuring that only high-quality craftsmanship is achieved. Attention to detail is never missed, and that you receive your prosthesis in a timely matter.

Helping You Live Without Limits

We are the only company in Nevada that offers annual clinics to learn how to run, hike and become more independent with a prosthetic limb. We have been doing mobility clinics since 2016. They are open to the public and free. No other prosthetic companies in Nevada do this and we welcome ALL to come and join in on the fun.

HiFi Socket

Biodesign's CEO Randall Alley is a pioneer in prosthetic socket design and is the inventor of the widely acclaimed X-Frame and the ACCI, and most recently his finest achievement, the High-Fidelity™ Interface System. Unlike traditional sockets that simply fit the periphery of the limb, the HiFi Interface uses patented HiFi technology to capture and control the residual bone of the amputated limb. Wearers will instantly feel a difference as our designs allow for increased stability, range of motion, energy efficiency, performance, comfort, control and simply feels more like a part of you. NOP Prosthetics has proudly trained under Mr. Alley to become licensed to fit this amazing socket since 2014.

One World Unity Project

NOP Prosthetics has been a volunteer for the One World Unity Project. They are a nonprofit organization focused on helping people with basic needs: clean air, clean water, and prosthetics. They currently focus on the highlands of Guatemala where people live on less than $1 a day and yet, are the hardest working people they & NOP Prosthetics have ever met. NOP Prosthetics participated in traveling to Guatemala to serve people with their prosthetic needs in 2018, 2019, & 2020. We plan on continuing to volunteer in this project moving forward.
One World Unity