NOP Peer Support

We offer free peer support visits to individuals (and their families) pre or post amputation with trained amputees who have experience living with and adapting to limb loss. We know the importance of speaking with another amputee can play an important role in your preparation, recovery, and rehabilitation of limb loss. Many of our patients have told us that receiving a peer support visit was a rewarding experience one that gave them the chance to speak openly about how they were feeling, address some of the issues and concerns that they had and alleviate some of the distress that they were feeling.

What Is A Peer Support Visit

A peer visitor is a person who has experienced limb loss, has completed post-surgery rehabilitation, and has trained to offer emotional peer support, encouragement, and information vital for a full recovery. NOP connects with amputees in hospitals, rehabilitation centers, and/or their home. In fact, speaking to someone who personally understands what it means to lose a limb can often be a great relief, provide you with the opportunity to share concerns and ask questions that only someone who has been through limb loss can answer. They can also assist family members or care givers who want to better understand how they can help a loved one who has experienced (or is about to undergo) an amputation.