At NOP, we are dedicated to assisting children of all ages who have congenital limb differences or have experienced limb loss due to injuries or illness. Our team is committed to not only crafting personalized prosthetic solutions to enhance mobility but also fostering increased self-confidence and a positive self-image throughout the process. 

From the initial consultation to prosthetic fittings and follow-up care, our goal is to establish a compassionate and comfortable environment for both you and your child. Recognizing that children are constantly growing, exploring new activities, and seeking greater independence, we offer ongoing services for adjusting, upgrading, repairing, or replacing their prosthetic devices. 

We specialize in designing, creating, and fitting a wide range of prosthetic devices for children, adolescents, and young adults, including: 

• Above-knee prosthetic legs 

• Below-knee prosthetic legs (passive, myoelectric/bionic, and mechanical) 

• Prosthetic arms 

In addition, we offer sport-specific prosthetics and more. Our commitment doesn’t end with providing prosthetics; we actively support children and their parents in learning, adapting, and building confidence in their new prosthetic journey.